Frequently Asked Questions

The concrete cracking will have no effect on the tubing. Almost all concrete cracks to a greater or lesser degree. The only time the tubing will be effect is when the floor actually shifts causing a shear to develop which would rip the tubing. This is a rare occurrence and can be prevented with proper reinforcement and ground preparation.
Hot water heaters can be used when the heat load is small such as in a small shop or home. When the BTUH heating requirement is around 100,000 it is generally more cost effective to install a boiler. Boilers are more efficient, lasts longer and has more safeties than a water heater.
Radiant heating warms the objects in the room, not the air. This allows thermostats to be lowered as much as 4 degrees without sacrificing comfort levels. These lower operating temperatures can reduce fuel consumption, typically saving between 20 & 30 percent per year in heating expenses.
Radiant heating systems are compatible with a variety of floor coverings, including hardwood, carpet, vinyl, ceramic tile, and marble. It's important to let your contractor know what type of floor covering you plan on installing so that you can achieve the maximum benefit from your radiant system.