Energy Management Systems

Radiant Floor Heating & Cooling Systems

Radiant floor works by circulating warm or cool water through a network of pipes placed in the floor. Heat is gently radiated upward, creating a comfortable environment. Radiant cooling systems circulate cooled water through the same network of pipes where warm water circulates during the summer months. Because of its exceptional comfort at relatively low operating temperatures, radiant heating & cooling is very energy efficient. Optimizing the radiant panel design using strategies such as room-by-room zoning can add to energy savings.

For the Home

The increasing popular floor heating/cooling systems for the home are more efficient than forced air. Heating and cooling distribution is very even and each room can be set up to have their own thermostat to keep them at optimal comfort level.

For the Shop or Large Buildings

Outdoor buildings with controlled temperature flooring enjoy many of the same benefits as the home. Floors dry quickly; employees are more comfortable throughout the building due to the consistent temperature. Buildings that have large doors heat up and cool off quicker when a door is opened and shut.

For the Outdoors

With snow and ice melting systems, winter weather doesn't have to limit access to your home, building or facility. Sidewalks, parking lots & garages, and carwashes can all have the luxury of never shoveling or plowing snow again!

Whether you're building or renovating a new home or commercial building, professional installers can design a radiant system that provides maximum comfort and efficiency.

We have top of the line materials from:

  • Rehau Polymer Solutions
  • Knight wall mount boilers
  • Grundfos pumps
  • Independent Energy controllers
  • Headland flow meters
  • Honeywell zone valves